The digital transformation of
DV Flora's warehouse

DV Flora Warehouse Experience

For over 57 years, DV Flora has been providing professional retail florists and event designers with the finest in fresh cut flowers, floral supplies, and botanicals, sourced from around the world.

I worked  to deliver a new, much improved warehouse experience using Android OS running on Honeywell Warehouse Hardware.

Key goals of the project were to improve the user experience for the warehouse staff and as a consequence improve efficiency and create a more welcoming digital environment for the millennial seasonal workers around the warehouses.

Focusing on the users

The user experience part of the project started by filming what a typical day is for our persona and defining the key tasks. Through various mock-ups, prototypes and real software test we were able to fine-tune the final solution. Due to the NDA nature of the project only a very small and mostly explorational part of the project is shown. The final appreciation from the client was a proof of the success.


After user shadowing & interviews

Inital mock-ups & idea generation

We started with low-fidelity mock ups, to determine what is best for the differenet part of the project. The software would be used with people in different environments, some wearing gloves, or where machines are working. Many aspects had to be considered.

These initial mock-ups were low fidelity in order for us to move quickly. They also helped us in determining the information structure.


Moving to code

Hi-fidelity prototypes and real code

Fully animated prototypes along with real code test were created for different parts of the project. This is an example of a keyboard test done to test visual feedback.


The end result

Because the new UX for DV Flora's team was built in a way to take into account a labor force consisting mainly of millennials and took into account all the intricacies of the team's daily work, workflow processes, policies and the demands of the new hardware devices.

The feedback was that people are now: 2X faster than using the old technology

The final solution is:

"Simply, more better!"
John Markhorst III (Application Development Manager)

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