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The largest IT instructor hub in the world, where instructors can explore job offerings from all the top trainging companies worldwide.

I am resposbible for the visual design and UX of the platform, keeping close contact with the operational team.

The two fold aspect of the hub – on one side the instructors browsing and applying for jobs – and the operational team working behind the scenes. A challenging work involving understanding the processes, asking the right questions and always thinking how can to improve the workflow and automate many mundane tasks.

Understanding the problem

The work strted by a one day Event Storming workshop with the team and continued with sustained communication and dialog over the various features.


The Hub Design

In order to save time and resources the first step was to create a visual language and translate it into a library of elements for quick iterations. The design would later be translated into the visual design of the chosen control library.

Having established the foundation, we began prototyping testing and shipping to development the different features. The feedback is constant and that helped us and still helps the product grow.

Coursedot library MVP

Instructors' part

Coursedot welcome

Jobs are listed as cards and the responsive and flexible interface allow us to open them by introducing a new visual column in the interface (below) ↓

CourseDpt profile in edit mode

The profile in editing mode ↑ and a glimps of the interface for operators ↓


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