Logo, website design and branding strategy

New Venture Software

Me and a few friends started this company to provide high quality consulting services to the software industry. 

"New Venture Software is an expert software consulting, custom software and user experience development company."

I created the logo and website design, laying the foundation to what we envisoned our brand to be. We wanted a simple, professional look echoing what and how we do business.

Logo design

I started with the idea to illustrate our name and the new ventures one of the ideas we discussed was to have a more litteral approach – rise the flag above new "worlds"

NVS Logo idea part 1

This initial idea was't something we liked, because of it illustrative approach the overall voice. After a few conversations with friends how they feel about the logo I suggested I should approach this from another angle.

The final version

New Venture Software-logo idea

The change of direction was benefitial and I after some iterations the final approach was realised. Taking programming code as an inspiration, I utilised the {} as key elements of the design with addition of identation and a elegant and professinal typeface the final logo was born.

The final logo ↓


Website design

Utilizing the elements like the {} in the logo, I created a website that related to our vision and tied toghether the curves and edge of the logo with the colour pallet thhat was developed while workin on the overall look of the New Venture Software image.

nvs-colour palette
New Venture website preview 1
New Venture website preview 2
New Venture website preview 3
New Venture website preview 4

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