Improving the User Experinece of the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

involved testing with users, creating questionnaires, doing wireframes and testing again. Last but not least was delivering a better visual design to the UI parts. This is an ongoing project and due to NDA I am sharing only a minimal amount of images without any animation tests or details. Thanks for understanding and should you be interested in the SAP Cloud Platform, from which this project is part, more info is available here.

A lot of the work went into rethinking workflows, various steps and the structure of the system. How people navigate, what they see, what problems are the users having. 

SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit User Experience

The key benefits of the project were the better information structure, speed and visual interface that is now the basis of a constantly evolving system. More and more people are experiencing the benefits of the platform, and laying a good foundation was a must.

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