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Is an enterprise, secure document sharing and collaboration software that can connect many backends into single UI thus making its integration into heterogeneous landscapes much easier. It also has various workflow functionalities. As part of two people design team I was responsoble for the user experience of the product on all platofrms – mobile, desktop, web and cloud integration. We were responsible for user-testing, creating the mock-ups, and communicating with the team about all features. We created the logo, one-pager introduction website and various visual assets inside the product's different OS clients.


Different OS Clients

The work targeted most major OS both for desktop and mobile devices, including the now defunct Windows Phone. What you see here are two example of the iOS native app, showing a list of folder and files and the option for quick configuration via a QR code.

I worked on many aspets of the product, from cloud integration to improving and integrating workflow scenarios for manufaccuring. Due to NDA and being an active project I am not able to share visual assets with the world.

Logo and other visual elements


Me and my colleague worked on updating the visual language of the product. As part of the initiative we developed a new logo design to better fit the overall goal we had in mind. Below you can see some of the icons, and old logo available in the previous version of the product called Mobile Documents.

Various visual elements & web site

different visual assets

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